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Who is Brittney Clement?...

Brittney Clement is the owner of Brittney Inspires LLC and has trained and mentored thousands of people nationwide from everyday hardworking people to aspiring entrepreneurs earn thousands of dollars and retire in their twenties, where they only worked a 9-5 because they wanted to not because the needed to.

She started a company in a market where that kind of business was unheard of and has since wrote and self-published two books to share her story and inspire others to not be afraid to share their truth and to live an amazing life in spite of  their circumstances.

She has attracted many things personally in her life including material things from homes and cars, to all expenses-paid vacations, more money in one month after quitting her “good job", and bought her first home brand new at the age of 20

She has also helped others manifest their desires including landing dream careers, cars, and money; including a single check of over $25,000.

She has been mentored by one of her lifelong role models, Lisa Nichols, positioned herself to live her dream life where she lives life on her own terms and attracts everything she wants, and did all of this before the age of 30

She coaches women who are tired of working hard to get the things they want out of life who may be stuck mentally to break free of their limiting beliefs by opening their mind to prosperity by learning how to effectively use The Law of Attraction to attract everything they desire in every area of their life so they can enjoy life with the people they love, manifest everything they’ve ever imagined, and experience the life of their dreams now.

This can be your life too! It's time to take action now and make 2021 your best year yet!

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